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Vicksburg MS
Port Gibson MS

Natchez MS

Vicksburg Natl MP
Sunken Trace
Mount Locust Home
Loess Bluff
Emerald Mound
Natchez Hx Park
Under the Hill

Port Gibson MS

Sunken Trace reveals the extensive use of the Trace by weary travelers.

Loess Bluff affords a view of topsoil blown in during the ice age.

Don't miss Emerald Mound, the second largest of its type in the nation. Walk to the top!

Buffalo Puzzle!
Sunken Trace
Sunken Trace - Milepost 41
Port Gibson, Mississippi
(north) Nashville Hohenwald Florence Jackson Natchez (south)
For more information, contact the National Park Service.
Natchez Trace Parkway
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